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 I was born in a family of scientists and artists therefore my life has always been a symbiotic unity of both fields.  I hold a PhD in Biology from Kyiv National University and a diploma in Visual arts and design from Charles University, Prague.

Being deeply involved into scientific research I have never lost a leitmotif of art in my life. There always were painting and design, joint exhibitions, and joyful discussions on meaning, interpretation and juxtaposition of ideas with my fellows artists.


I really love nature – its harmony, logic, wisdom. I also like to immerse into ancient folklore: stories, traditions, habits and rituals, the times when humans were united with nature, not opposed.

I like to create beautiful stories with colors, hues, tints, and textures, to paint lights, to project emotions and moods on canvas.

In my art I try to combine both the beauty of life and the deep folk traditions. My technique is an attempt of contextualizing and surfacing ideas about inheritance, resilience, and the patterns or traits left behind or carried forward. To show the past embedded in the present.

The message of my work is – to marvel and enjoy our nature and our roots. Know it, appreciate it, and most importantly, protect it, because unfortunately we never value the things most precious until we lose them.

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